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Story of Discovery

With an aim to revolutionize the face of Indian fashion and with a shared love for Rajasthan’s sartorial crafts, Nisha Baid and Atul Baid endeavored on this journey that we now know as ‘Naksh’.
As full time parents and entrepreneurs, they fondly recall the story behind coining the name for their brand which is a meld of their initials N and A followed by the initials of their dearest daughter Kaavya and son Shreyans Together.

They took a plunge to transfigure this vision into reality and ensued to create ‘Naksh’.
At Naksh, we believe in keeping up with the changing times without forgetting the roots which are our ‘Kaarigars’. A craft truly reflects only when the hard work of a craftsman goes behind it. An ethnic aspect of our designs, a collaborative twist by fine designers, continued legacy of hand-block printing and an eye of expertise help us deliver the best to you.